The Power To Choose. The Options To Choose Well.

Colorado is all about choice. Choose the engine that matches your needs, with three to choose from, ranging from an extremely fuel-efficient Vortec TM 2.9L I-4 to the power of the available Vortec TM 5.3L V8. You can also specify the cab and suspension choices that work best for you – to help you get the very most out of your truck. It's not just any Colorado – it's your Colorado.

Vortec 3.7L 5-cylinder engine.

It Sips While It Hauls

Looking for fuel-efficient power for your pickup? Colorado's standard 185 hp VortecTM 2.9L 4-cylinder engine earns an impressive 7.8L/100 km highway fuel consumption rating.^^ A 242 VortecTM 3.7L 5-cylinder engine offers a more powerful alternative. Both engines are engineered for efficiency, employing Variable Valve Timing (VVT) technology that advances combustion timing. At low rpm this technology helps increase low-end torque and at high rpm it helps increase horsepower, while continually optimizing fuel efficiency.

The Power To Move You (And About 6,000 lbs)

The Power To Move You (And About 6,000 lbs)

For the ultimate in power and hauling capabilities, Colorado offers an available 300 hp VortecTM 5.3L V8 engine. That translates into an impressive towing capacity of up to 2,722 kg (6,000 lb).** Not that strength and capabilities are the exclusive domain of the V8-equipped Colorado. Regular Cab 2WD models with the VortecTM 2.9L 4-cylinder boast impressive payloads ranging up to 648 kg (1,429 lb).** Those serious loads are supported by a box channel frame that uses seven cross members to enhance the frame's stiffness, while also contributing to Colorado's stable handling. Making access to your load that much easier is the standard 2-position tailgate.

Chevrolet Colorado Regular Cab, Extended Cab and Crew Cab pickups.

The Right Cab, The Right Ride

Colorado is the only mid-size pickup that gives you the choice of Regular, Extended and Crew Cab configurations. You can also choose the suspension system that performs best in the conditions you encounter most — with the added toughness of the Z71 Off-Road Package and the enhanced performance of the ZQ8 Sport Package, in addition to the smooth riding Z85 Standard suspension. The right cab. The right engine. The right suspension. Colorado - the right mid-size truck.

Crew Cab side view showing air bags

In Touch And In Tune

Colorado's advanced driver control technologies, such as the StabiliTrak® electronic stability control system and ABS, act as your first line of defence, helping you avoid an accident. If a collision proves unavoidable, Colorado is equipped with an intelligent air bag system that automatically unlocks doors when a collision is detected (if equipped with power locks) to facilitate an easier rescue. It also alerts OnStar®, enabling an Advisor to send emergency service providers to your exact GPS location. OnStar® and six months of the Directions & Connections Plan and Turn-By-Turn are standard on all Colorados — one more way Colorado gives you added confidence on the road and off.